Baptist General Association of Virginia (updated August 9, 2008)


The first trailer shown didn't include much text, but is a good example of using a larger utility trailer for command and communications functions.  The second trailer and the RV are shown at a training event at Culpeper, Virginia on July 13-17, 2008, and come to us courtesy of Glen Sage N4DN.  

The smaller trailer is captioned as being from the Norfolk Area Baptist Association, and "is an outstanding example of powerful communications system in a small package.  this 6' X 12' trailer contains a well designed layout with tubular telescoping, tilt-over heavy duty mast that can be placed in operation at 40 feet above ground in 20 minutes or less."

The RV is captioned as BVMB SouthBEARS Command/Communications motor home (Unit 2).  "Currently VHF/UHF, HF and business band radios are being installed in this vehicle.  There is also a BGAN satellite system as part of the total communications package."  Other photos show the receiver-mounted Tarheel HF antenna system.

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