Tennessee - K4TDR (updated April 2, 2021)

Tennessee's 2008 communications trailer was a converted travel trailer with capabilities for HF, VHF, Red Cross low ban VHF, UHF and VHF business band for command and chainsaw safety operations, a scanner, a weather station, and Winlink over HF.  This information comes courtesy of Eddie Martin, WA4DBY.  This unit has been retired.

Daniel Holmes AA4DE [SK] sent us this update in 2021:

"There have been lots of changes since the old website was up; we have built two EmComm trailers and moved our ham shack to the new Missions Mobilization Center in Mt Juliet.


We use all Kenwood equipment and our ham shack, trailer and go kit Last year we built a new 20 foot Comm trailer. There are 2 ham operating stations and room for the White Hat. We also have room if needed to put 2 cots in the unit. Our unit call sign is K4TDR. We have also gotten our more experienced team members SHARES licence.


As far as radios we run:


Kenwood 480hx

Kenwood Tm-v71

Red Cross Radio

Business Band radio


SCS modem for Winlink


Go Kit

Kenwood 480hs

Kenwood 710g


SCS modem for Winlink



Kenwood 480hx

Kenwood TM-v71


SCS modem for Winlink


We are having 3 Regional Trainings this year and we do 3 hours in the classroom and 3 hours hands on training."

Photos are on the way!

Thanks, Daniel, for the update.

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